Investing Simplified Radio


    The unfortunate truth is that not enough people understand investing and retirement planning today, even though it’s more important now than ever before. Even worse, there are advisors that use slimy gimmicks and traps to lure in their business and happily take advantage of unsuspecting bystanders. That’s why Chuck Price (AKA The Financial Doctor) is on a mission to teach people the truth. Investing Simplified is the answer and an entertaining way Chuck gets the word out and gets to expose the gimmicks and traps so you do not get tricked. You can also come to expect the occasional discussion on trending news and media. With segments like “Ask The Financial Doctor”, listeners are able to ask seasoned experts direct questions about their personal and business financial matters, goals, and aspirations.

    Investing Simplified is LIVE every Saturday morning from 8am-9am PST.


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