Price Financial Group Wealth Management


    Chuck, also known as the Financial Doctor, understands the serious consequences that can happen when people receive biased advice. For this reason, he founded Price Financial Group Wealth Management, Inc., a Registered Investment Advisor Firm to legally and ethically act in a fiduciary capacity when it comes to providing unbiased financial advice. In fact, he’s been dedicated to this goal for over 40 years.

    Chuck prefers to think of himself as a financial advocate, because he acts on the behalf of his clients and proudly champions his cause. Through his company, a radio program, speaking events, and soon, a book, Chuck is leading the fight against unethical investors and national regulations and policies that keep people in the dark about the reality of their investments.

    Chuck, is an author of the book “Investing Simplified” which is available on (here) and has a website at and is featured financial expert on Freedom 970AM “Investing Simplified®” live radio show every Saturday at 8 am and a featured guest on KPAM AM860 on Terry Boyd’s World and radio show every Saturday noon to 1pm and Sunday 5pm Investing Simplified®.

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